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find the number of big boxes sold.?

  1. Mrs Goh sells mooncakes in boxes of twos and fours. At first, there were four times as many small boxes as big boxes. After selling half the number of small boxes and some big boxes, Mrs Goh packs 5 more big boxes of mooncakes.Given that there are thrice as many small boxes as big boxes and there is a total of 300 mooncakes in the unsold boxes,find the number of big boxes sold.

    Answer by katsmama3

  2. I currently have 2 alpine type E 10s in a box that I actually found that fits in my trunk (2004 mustang convertible) its also a sealed box, I was going to get another amp and a set of 2 10″ 1000W subs because i want more power, my question is, can I just swap my alpines to the new tens and be fine? i didnt know if dimensions would matter or anything im forgetting about. the box the 1000W 10s come in is too large and its also a bandpass box if that matters so I want to keep my box and make my life easier and just swap them

    Answer by BILLY MAYS
    bandpass boxes are custom made to suit the subs specifications (ie tuned frequency, Vs, etc). putting a sub in a box not suited for it may result in distortion and possibly sub damage.

    however, in your case, if your putting the new subs in the box that you currently have, then you will have very little problem (sealed boxes are generally universal as long as the box meets the sub requirements).

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    Answer by Terry S
    The brain injuries are not worth it. Civilized people dont box.

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